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We reveal our new website with much hope and commitment.It quite reflects what OllerAbogados is all about. Notwithstanding our design principles but specially with regardsto the individuals that make us. We are pleased given that this launch, allows us to fullfila challenge we had defined: Oller Abogados must differentiate itself.

The effort behind the website addresses many concerns.

The first is the external requirement given that we ultimately were another law firm with aninternet presence. That is unacceptable.

The website started to depart from us and did not represent us.

We had a meaningful interest in telling our story. Clearly because it represents us butjust as well it identifies us, it provides an identity.

The website today tells our story and represents us.


We embarked on a new way of providing legal services with a notion: “The client’s valueneeds to be vindicated and given the importance it deserves, which goes beyond that of legal opinión.”

We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

As much was defined with Don Enrique Oller (RIP) when we started and henceforth wecontinue to offer our services. From within. Differentiated because we understand theclient as is and what it needs.

It is a time consuming exercise that entails work. We take it to heart.

Oller Abogados boasts an extraordinary client loyalty because it sets itself apart. Oller Abogados is not solely interested in current needs but considers the environment and the requirements that a law firm such as our jointly with a company in Costa Rica can achieve.

Achievements are our ultimate goal, entrepreneurshipour venue and ideas our source.We undertake from beginning to end all the businesses that move to our country.

This is our 13 year anniversary of being at our offices. It proved a good seed to grow. 13 years true to our convictions.

This may seem a minor step. Not for us.

We need to differentiate ourselves again and not solely with our clients based on our service. Oller Abogados was thought as the proper forum to make a difference in contributing and to make things happen. Our new website has the purpose of fulfilling that intent.

We have what it takes.

Welcome to this space.


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