Our Story

Oller Abogados

Our story starts at the end of the 90s, at the time there were rumors that the world was about to collapse with the arrival of the year 2000.

This turbulent period coincided with the departure of Pedro Oller, founding partner of Oller Abogados, from traditional law firms, looking for the business world. Without a plan, and only six months after getting married, it was not an easy decision. However, his spirit of configuring his own vision of legal services specific for entrepreneurs prevailed then.

During this stage, together with professional achievements, there was a very special personal satisfaction: the opportunity to share the office with his father, Mr. Enrique Oller.

Father and son wanted to see the legal profession from the point of view of a client. This led to the creation of the first maxim:

“It is imperative to vindicate the value of the client and give him the importance he deserves, which goes far beyond a legal opinion”.

It was necessary to stop selling the same legal package for different needs. It was essential “to be in the client’s shoes” first, understand their business, anticipate their needs and risks; creating empathy and trust.

Pedro wanted to serve companies of persons with whom he wished to establish bonds. This vision became a reality formally with the opening of Oller Abogados law firm in 2000, a year before the death of Mr. Enrique.

That same year, which started with the feared second millennium, they started to look for physical space to replace the one-person office of 60 square meters.

Today we are Oller Abogados. We are based in San José, Costa Rica and are a law firm specialized in meeting the legal needs of entrepreneurs because we were born of enterprising spirit: restless, curious and in constant evolution.

Guided by the maxim of “vindicate the value of the client”, we have designed the strategy of local approach of every type of business: from the one in its undertaking stage to the transnational company that wishes to establish operations in another country or perform more complex transactions.

Together with Pedro Oller, founding partner, other four partners have joined the firm to respond as a team to the needs of entrepreneurs.

  • Partner Roberto Esquivel joined the firm in 2001 in virtue of his ample experience in administrative procurement.
  • Ricardo Vargas became part of the team of partners in 2003, contributing his knowledge of Labor Law and taxes.
  • One of the most respected constitutional lawyers joined Oller Abogados in 2011: Rubén Hernández.
  • Alejandro Delgado came in 2013 to contribute his almost three decades of experience in Public Law, being specialized in freedom of expression.

The five partners are accompanied by a sound team of five associates and 26 employees who work together in the various fields of Corporate Law and Public Law: the two major areas in which the law firm specializes.

Since 2001, Oller Abogados is part of TAG LAW, which extends its scope to 100 countries, 140 law firms and more than 9000 attorneys at law globally.

In March 2009, we established a link with the Spaniard law firm of Garrigues, as a branch of support for legal services in infrastructure, the environment, family businesses and human capital; with offices in 27 cities around the world and access to nearly 2000 lawyers.

Oller Abogados tells its story today through the successes of more than five hundred Costa Rican, Central American, and international clients. Visit us and let us continue telling our story through yours.

Oller Abogados tells its story today through the successes of more than five hundred Costa Rican, Central American, and international clients. Visit us and let us continue telling our story
through yours.