Alejandro Delgado

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Law and photography: passions that have been with me for I don’t know how much time. In my professional practice, I am careful to look beyond the strictly legal matters, like I care when composing an image to look at it from several angles.

I joined this group in 2013 and I have been practicing law for more than two decades. I am Alejandro Delgado Faith, I specialize in Public Law –especially Constitutional Law- as well as in arbitration. I have advised several professional associations, I chair the Institute of Press and Freedom of Expression (Iplex), and I have written several editorials for different newspapers.

I had worked independently for many years, and then decided to become part of this team. I was drawn to Oller Abogados’ relationship strategy with its clients, where the latter are never depersonalized and are considered close to all members of the law firm. This is not a group of professionals where every one looks out for their own, we are a team. For me loyalty is the focal point of any action and this is another thing I have in common with this law firm’s philosophy.

Once I close my computer I love to play tennis, photography, enjoy a good meal, good wine, or a book. Some of my favorite authors are José Saramago and Ruíz Zafón.