Andrés Mercado

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Family and music: two essential aspects in my life. My family encourages me to improve every day and music gives me the inspiration to find in my work a creative solution for the client.

“Legal assistants needed”, is what I read on the ad placed on the hallways of the Faculty of Law of the University of Costa Rica –where I had the privilege to study-. When I saw the law firm behind the ad, I did not hesitate to apply. That is how I participated and was able to become part of Oller Abogados in 2004. I currently work on cases in the field I am passionate about: Public Law.

My name is Andrés Mercado and, beyond being an attorney, I am a man that enjoys his family and playing soccer. I still have a lot of things to do on my bucket list: for example, I would like to be a university professor and obtain my master’s degree. But right now I am enjoying the experience of being part of a great, varied group where I get to learn more every day. From our youngest members I take the impulse they give their new ideas and from those with more experience I learn about the need to analyze these ideas in detail.

It’s easy to say that Oller Abogados is a unique law firm…it’s a line any law firm can use. But I can guarantee that, in this case, there really is a difference, because we make it a priority to understand the client’s line of business and we strengthen it, acting as a single unit.