Pedro Oller

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Epicurus (from the Greek: Επίκουρος; Samos, approximately 341 b.C. - Athens, 270 b.C.) was a Greek philosopher, founder of the school that is named after him (Epicureanism). I enjoy a few things, such as cooking, good food and good wine. But I enjoy a lot more the company of my family and friends. Cheers and enjoy your meal!

A conjunction of factors conspired to make sure that Oller Abogados was, from the start, a unique law firm. My father, with whom I started my adventure in the Legal world, was not only an attorney but a businessman as well; he had a firm grasp on both sides of the business.

He had a profound knowledge of people who seek legal services and the additional aspects required in order to offer a comprehensive consultancy service. Focusing on “going the extra mile”, in those aspects that complement legal services is what we do today.

I am Pedro Oller and I founded this office in the year 2000 convinced that the next step I had to take was to surround myself with people that were capable and had the desire to share my philosophy: Oller Abogados had to be a team that walked, thought, and acted as a single apparatus, offering accurate and timely responses.

That is how we work today and it has helped us achieve a high level of client retention –we can boast about- that proves it.

There is no secret ingredient to this. All the members of this company have trust in each other and grow together, with diluted hierarchies, and more partners every day. Our clients are our friends, and that is how we treat them at Oller Abogados.

My clients, my friends, read and discuss with me the columns I write for the newspaper La República, I share with them some of the recipes that enrich my passion for cooking –inherited from my grandparents- and I talk about my great love, soccer, with many of them.

I always try to be the same Pedro but when I leave the office I am, above all, a father of three, a selfless husband, and a loving son. After that, I am that person that has found in the Internet a great source of information, distraction and participation in interesting discussions, some of which have helped change communication paradigms.