Ricardo Vargas

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The cornerstone for my professional development is my family: from my parents, who taught me the principles that have made me who I am today to the family I have created with my wife: the purpose that guides everything I do.

We will always have a quick answer and, thanks to this, we forge close, and honest relationships based on mutual trust with our clients. That is why our portfolio includes many clients that have walked beside us for a long time.

My name is Ricardo Vargas Aguilar and, as of 2003, I have cultivated relationships and friendships at Oller Abogados, since that is how we work with our clients.

I was born and live in Cartago, where I learned to enjoy going to the movies. My family owned an independent movie theater there, in the time where there was at least one in each province and movies were received in tin boxes.

I have been practicing law for more than 15 years and my emphasis is in Corporate and Tax Law, and I am passionate about subjects related to arbitration. At Oller Abogados each person’s area of work is well defined, but we are constantly learning from each other.