Rubén Hernández

Books represent, would it be better to use the verb “evidence”?, that in my profession I am a lawyer who conducts research. Outside my profession, they mean my passion for reading, legal but in particular literature.

I am Rubén Hernández and I became part of Oller Abogados in January 2011 even though –as you can see by my picture- I have been practicing law for much longer than that.

I am specialized in Public Law and within it, Constitutional Law; for which I blame my father. He was a journalist for La Prensa Libre, several decades ago and he was responsible for covering Congress. At home he would spend his nights transcribing what he had seen and heard “from the sidelines” and ever since I was a small boy I was interested in these subjects.

When I got older, I considered studying Philosophy, but I realized one day that I had a better future in Law. I graduated from this profession in the early 70s from the University of Costa Rica; and I later obtained my doctorate in Italy. I returned to Costa Rica in 1977 as the first Constitutional lawyer. I was also a professor for 33 years, mainly at the University of Costa Rica.

As an attorney, I am satisfied with what I have achieved: books, articles, diplomacy, the satisfaction of having drafted the Constitution of Equatorial Guinea…but today I feel pleased to be here, at a law firm that combines youth and experience, where I can continue to make use of my passion for teaching and where I get to keep on learning every day from the new generations.

If there is a key ingredient to making sure your law practice is successful, it is achieving relationships with clients based on trust, trust, and more trust. This is what we strive to achieve on a daily basis at Oller Abogados.