Jose Prado

For me, the key to success is achieving a balance in all aspects of my life; this allows me to enjoy each aspect to the fullest and exercise passion in everything I do.

My name is José Andrés Prado and I have been part of the Oller Abogados family since 2011. Since then I have been part of the Public Law and Corporate Law team, which has allowed me to develop a versatility that lets me advise our clients in a comprehensive and specialized manner.

At Oller Abogados we seek to create synergy with our clients and because of this we have gotten to the point where we are considered part of their team, which fills us with pride and satisfaction, as our saying goes “we are always taking one for the team”.

Throughout the 10 years of my professional career I have acquired experience as a legal advisor for companies in different industries and sectors. As a professional I enjoy challenges, as well as keeping up to date with case-law, doctrine, and important background that set standards in the legal sector.

Leaving my professional life aside, I am a person who loves to spend time with my family, travel to new destinations, enjoy sports. I especially like training at the gym, swimming, and I am recently exploring the world of mountain biking.