Roberto Esquivel

I am Roberto Esquivel and I was one of the first members of Oller Abogados. I had already practiced law for about 10 years at the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE), where I became very familiar with the area of Administrative Contracts; my current specialization in my private practice.

Pedro Oller and I went together to the University. When he decided to open this consortium he invited me to participate, and after that almost immediate “yes” in 2001, “the whole Universe has conspired to make my wishes come true”, a phrase I always keep in mind. Being here is what I wanted.

I do what I like, I get to work in the area of my profession I am passionate about, but, most of all, I have participated in creating the perfect team to make Oller Abogados that comprehensive company where we are all convinced that our clients are much more than that. We hear them, talk to them, and make them feel at home. That is our greatest virtue.

Oller Abogados has been different since its conception. Our offices encourage you to sit down and talk while we have a cup of coffee: about Law, athletics or swimming –another two of my passions-, or about how quickly my daughter is growing up.

I am satisfied with what we have become and how we continue to grow. One of my goals is to help our country in the subject of infrastructure and to see how even more young professionals are forged here, as so many others that have walked the hallways of Oller Abogados during their journey.